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Art Wiki Marathon 3

Taking place worldwide on Saturday, July 26th.

Log on to the 'artwikimarathon' AIM room or irc://


  • edits – there's gonna be tons! Stop in throughout the day and add sets of links to pages you edited. Note if its a newly created page, and leave yr name!
  • Handy Tips - things like:
    • How do you cite things again?
    • What's the image uploading policy?
    • How do I make a redirect page?
    • Answers to these questions and more in Handy Tips!

Mailing List

Based on some conversations during the wikimarathon, a mailing list has been started to continue brainstorming, discussion, and work on the project


There's a lack of art/artist info on Wikipedia, and we're often too busy to find the time to contribute. So, we're setting aside one day where a crew of people collectively drop serious knowledge into wikipedia about art. From your favorite notable artwork, artist or exhibition, to our soon-to-be-famous peers. We'll also add structural links to alumni schools and categories like collective art groups, non profit orgs, etc.<br>

The day is Saturday April 26th: an afternoon on the internet quietly enriching the public domain. We imagine groups of 2-4 people around tables across the country, bottomless coffee cups fueling the discussions, fact checking, and troubleshooting. Ideally lots of “oh, that person worked with X, I'll make a page for them, link me up.” There will also be a lot of online chatting across coasts. Video chats if bandwidth permits.



Roughly 12-8pm EST (9am-5pm PST) Saturday July 26th - or whatever works for you

Content Brainstorming

Pages that need work or need to be created. Add your ideas below.
(TODO: add links to WP for all these pages)

  • List of Internet Phenomena
  • net art
  • Eyebeam
  • Rhizome
  • Wooster Collective
  • Jonah Peretti
  • James Powderly
  • Clarion Alley Mural Project
  • Precita Eyes Mural Project
  • Southern Exposure (SF Art Space)
  • Malaquías Montoya
  • Jesse Drew
  • All kinds of non-profit art spaces
  • regional category pages for non-profit art spaces - Bay Area
  • rookie artists
  • L0L-cats
  • Dennis Knopf (and his Bootyclipse)
  • Tobias Leingruber
  • internet surfing clubz
  • Aram Bartholl
  • Dragan Espenschied
  • Michael Mandiberg
  • ShiftSpace
  • Charles Broskoski
  • John Michael Boling (53o's)
  • Year Zero One
  • David Wilson/Museum of Jurassic Technology
  • Rosalyn Deutsche
  • KAWS
  • Rachel Wells, American Painter, Sculptor,Muralist
  • Paula Spiro
  • Reza Abdoh
  • Radiohole
  • The National Theater of the United States of America (NTUSA)
  • Barcode Art by Scott Blake

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